Frequently Asked Questions

What Degree would I receive from INDA?

Students who complete the program will receive a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design degree.

What can I do with my INDA Degree?

You can do lots of things!

Our alumni are practicing architecture professionally and working in other related design professions around the world!

In 2013 INDA was awarded accreditation from the Architecture Council of Thailand (ACT).  This means that students who graduate from INDA are eligible to take the professional Thai Architecture licensing exam after working in an architecture firm for at least 2 years.

Many of our students also pursue further education – Masters degrees – at top universities.

When do classes start? When do classes end?

INDA’s academic calendar runs on a two semester system, with special workshops, projects in between sessions.

The first semester runs from August to December.

The second semester runs from January to May.

In the ‘summer’ period from May to August, there are study tours, design build projects, and design build for community projects.

Check out the INDA Academic Calendar for the current schedule and events.

What are classes like at INDA?

Courses at INDA can be divided into three general categories: studio courses, lecture courses, and hybrid courses.

Design studio courses are the core of the design and architecture education. These courses are three and a half hour studio sessions twice a week where you will meet with your professor to discuss, develop, and and receive critical feedback on your work. The maximum professor to student ratio for these courses is 1 to 12. The average professor student to student ratio is 1 to 10.

Lecture courses are typically for subjects like history and theory, where you will follow along and ask questions during a lecture and receive feedback on your exams, projects, and papers. The professor to student ratio for lecture based courses is around 1 to 80.

Hybrid courses are a mix between a design studio and a lecture course. In this type of course you will be moving back and forth between concepts and hands on work. The professor to student ratio for these courses is around 1 to 20.

Learn more about the curriculum.

Where is INDA?

INDA is located in Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Architecture Building in the heart of Bangkok.

Being based in Bangkok is ideal for students and faculty alike – enabling direct engagement and study of a rapidly evolving city fabric, rich culture, and fascinating histories.

In addition to studies within Bangkok, INDA students also engage in workshops, study tours, and design build projects all over the world.